The Pop Can Project

The Pop Can Project

Over the years on my photography adventures, I have collected a small sum of photos featuring litter that I have found among nature. It began with only pop cans, but now other pieces of trash have been included in this growing collection of mine.

You would think that in 2017, littering would be a thing of the past with all of the attention given to the importance of recycling. However, I still find garbage every time I walk in the woods. It’s disgusting. Despite the fact that trash, compost, and recycle bins are in all public places, people still don’t seem to always use them. Additionally, often when people do recycle, they put their items in the wrong bin, which isn’t helpful either.

The concept of reading a label and putting an item in the appropriate bin isn’t rocket science. I hope people smarten up sooner rather than later.

Spring Sunset

Spring Sunset

Here are some photos I took the other day of a sunset in Belleville, Ontario. It was an absolutely amazing sight, seeing all of the warm colours morph into cool purples and blues. I post most of my photography on my Flickr, which you can view here. I have not edited all of the photos from this shoot yet, but keep an eye out for them!


“I Want to Be a Shitterbug”

“I Want to Be a Shitterbug”


A photo I took in the mountains while volunteering in Shuid, Chimborazo Province, Ecuador in June 2016. 

When I was younger, I went up to my mother after watching an episode of Timothy Goes to School where all of the students talk about their hobbies, and said: “Mommy, I want to be a shitterbug.” She responded, at first, quite angrily, until she realized I was trying to say the phrase “shutterbug.” So, after her and my older sister laughed at me for a solid ten minutes, she let me take a photo with her film camera. Unfortunately, I only managed to capture the tops of their heads.

Despite this, after that first moment of hearing the satisfying sound of the shutter and watching the flash illuminate their faces, I was hooked.

I started out with dinky toy cameras and gradually moved up the technological food chain with point-and-shoots over the years. At one point, I used the camera on my Nintendo DSi to capture everything from my pet cats to my dinner plates. Now, I have a proper DSLR (a Canon T3i), a tripod, two lenses and much better aim than I did when I was a kid. No more decapitated subjects (for the most part).

What I love about photography is the idea that every single photograph taken comes from a different perspective–even if only slightly–than ones taken before of the same object. I love how images can now be easily altered using computer software, yet I also appreciate the art of film and own a small collection of vintage cameras.

I find it amazing how light can hit a subject from different angles, and allow us to create entirely unique depictions with our minds and then our cameras. I like the concept of cameras being paintbrushes that use light and shadows to capture colours and expressions.

My favourite thing to shoot is close-up nature scenes. I would love to buy a macro lens one day so I can reveal the hidden micro-universes all around us. I can often be found wandering through forests, trying to create new worlds out of a single bush of leaves, flowers or tiny creatures.

Over the summer, I organized almost all of my photography, and uploaded what I consider to be my best work to my Flickr account. I have made different albums for photos taken in different seasons as well as photos with specific themes.

If you’d like to see what I get up to on my photography adventures, you can click the link below:

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